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California Assembly Bill 802 regarding energy efficiency passed by legislature and signed into law

In September, the California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 802. The bill, signed on October 8, modifies the existing requirements of utilities and utility customers to collect and retain utility consumption information.

AB 802 requires utilities to disclose “whole building data” within four (4) weeks of a request by an owner/operator. This can include the utility submitting this data directly to the Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Owners and operators no longer have to disclose energy benchmarking or “whole building” data to prospective buyers, lessees of an entire building, or lenders. AB 802 charges the California Energy Commission with promulgating regulations regarding the disclosure of data to the Commission itself and to the public, including civil fines for failure to disclose or fraudulent disclosure.

The bill also obligates utilities to create “financed options” for the installation of utility conservation programs and devices for multifamily owners and operators.