Resident payment processing delivers convenience and control, with optimum security.

Receive rent and utility payments reliably, conveniently, and fast





Fast-track payment processing

clockOther property management systems (PMS) payment solutions routinely hold your funds for a few business days – check the fine print. Your funds are not held up by ePay. NWP’s fast-track payment processing moves funds as fast as the banking system will allow.


Full integration with your property management system

Property management systems are automatically updated with resident payment information providing an accurate and timely resident ledger. Bank account settlement and property management system uploads are synchronized and property reconciliation is simplified. This frees up staff from following up on payment related activities.

Secure, easy-to-use payment collection options include:

  • Credit Card – accept Visa, MasterCard and DiscoverCard
  • Cash – payments accepted at MoneyGram’s 40,000+ U.S. locations
  • Check – check scanning converts paper checks into electronic payments
  • ACH – also known as e-check.  Payments are debited from resident’s checking accounts.

Payment channel options include:

  • Phone (voice)
  • Phone (mobile friendly website)
  • Online
  • Property management office
  • Retail store – MoneyGram

ePay manager’s portal

nwpsmartUtility and rent payments with all monthly line items owed by a resident are summarized for management. Current charge information is refreshed daily through electronic data exchange with your property management software ensuring the most recent charge information is available 24-7.

  • A single portal access information for all NWP products and services
  • View all resident payments in a single portal reflecting payment status such as scheduled, processed, refunded or returned
  • Search, sort and filter views of all resident payments in a single portal within a specific property or across properties
  • Drill down to payment detail regarding the resident payments such as payment type, dates, images and return reasons
  • Self-service to manage payments, supporting edit of payment relationship to resident, complete a refund, and modify a residents status or charges
  • Resources page with links to training and quick reference documents and other information
  •  Grant users capabilities based on their roles. A user may be read only, while another can take or refund payments.

Give residents choice, convenience and control – right from the start

mobileePay integrates easily into the new resident leasing process ensuring residents get off to a great start – they’ll know exactly how to make payments avoiding confusion and late payments during those crucial first weeks on property.

ePay also helps boost resident satisfaction by giving your residents options in how and when they pay, including from the convenience of their own home or on the go with a mobile device, 24/7.

Residents appreciate the control they have in determining when funds will transfer with ePay. They can pay instantly or schedule a payment for a later date. They can also schedule their resident charges to be paid each month automatically.

Secure and compliant payment processing

cc lockCompliance with rules, regulations and laws governing payment processing and the segregation of rent and deposit funds is managed.  The need for you to respond to financial service company ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements is also satisfied.   ePay is SSAE16 and PCI Level 1 certified, ensuring your payment processing is safe and payment information is secure.

ePay monitors payment system rules, regulations and laws governing payment processing and industry specific requirements, ensuring we’re current and compliant.


The program is customizable to fit the needs of the property.  Management can determine the payment options accepted such as credit card, cash, check or ACH and the payment channels available to residents like phone (voice), phone (mobile friendly website), online, property office or retail store.