Segments Served

Affordable Housing

As utility rates rise across the nation, conservation efforts have a greater impact from both a resource and economic standpoint. Within the affordable housing sector, expenses saved with a utility management program could be reallocated to better help more of those in need.


Regulatory and budgetary requirements make implementing a utility management and conservation program on an affordable property even more challenging than market product. NWP offers the experience and solutions to address the issues specific to affordable housing with reporting designed to meet the needs of affordable housing utility managers. Trends are highlighted providing the insight managers need to lower utility costs and encourage conservation. Trend reports also serve as am alert system for excessive consumption issues that might require maintenance or repair.

Resident, property and portfolio level customer service, compliance, ongoing training and support are all provided with the needs of affordable housing portfolios in mind. Providing them with best-in-class utility management support helps them keep these properties performing at a high level while encouraging savings and conservation.

NWP’s solutions let you focus on your core business, and those activities that provide the highest return, while we take care of the rest.

Monitoring and alert functions that keep you compliant

Get quick alerts on unusual water, gas and electric consumption to quickly discover usage spikes

DOE/HUD funding opportunities (such as Better Buildings Challenge)

Rate change research is refreshed regularly using multiple sources to make your forecasts more reliable

Back office support that grows with your portfolio

Accounting for all your properties

Filings to the appropriate agencies

Fund analysis (security deposit and HUD finding)

Funding, refinancing and audit support

Full IT infrastructure: hosting, administration, support

Billing and submetering support

NWP’s Leak Detection Program allows property staff to proactively monitor high water usage, reduce utility expense, and promote a green environment by conserving precious resources

File necessary paperwork for submetering properties

Allowances to cover minimum thresholds of charges

Payment options that work for your residents

Flexible payment options and prompt, electronic settlement payment channels that work best for all residents (including ACH and MoneyGram)

Electronic data exchange with most property management systems

Smart apartment, smarter utilities

Leverage IoT (Internet of Things) to better manage expenses in units where the owner pays for utilities