Segments Served

Portfolio Owner Managers

NWP was founded over 20 years ago to help portfolio owners with utility cost recovery, conservation and energy management. Commonly, utilities are the third largest cost for a portfolio after property and staff. NWP provides a reliable, results driven solution to ensure utilities expenses are being managed reliably and efficiently.


It all starts with a reliable, results driven utility billing cost recovery and conservation program. Recovering utilities and reducing consumption lowers expenses and increases asset values. Our energy management solution takes this to the next level with features like vacant cost recovery and utility alerts making managing these tasks easier for managers while giving ownership visibility into the thorough service they are receiving.

Resident, property and portfolio level customer service, compliance and ongoing training and support are all provided with the needs of portfolio owners in mind. Providing owner mangers with best-in-class utility management support not only helps them perform at a high level, it provides the reporting and data analysis to make continuous improvements.