Utility Management

NWP’s utility management solution is a best in class suite of products and services designed specifically for multifamily portfolios.

Outsourcing your utility expense processing can help incrPipe Leakease conservation while reducing risk, delays, and vacant theft. NWP’s program goes further, however. It is unique in that it is designed to also help you achieve superior results through our expertise in utilities. In a nutshell, we help you save on unnecessary utility charges, usage, and rates. This program includes several key features.

Utility Invoice Management

The invoices are redirected to our invoice management center which is powered by our 15+ year partnership with an expert in third party invoice processing and payment.

Late fee savings

NWP tracks your invoices, then actively works to reduce late fees by capturing invoices quicker, paying faster, and continually monitoring missing bills.

Today, with late fees lumped in with other utility charges, how do you know how much you’re paying in late fees? With NWP, we show you exactly what your late fees are each month.

Plus, our tracking of late fees has been audited, and certified by a third party auditor.

Vacant theft recovery

By automatically merging your move-in/move-out data with utility invoices that initially appear to be for vacant units, we can match bill vacant utility charges to residents who have neglected to move utilities to their name. Such automation allows us to catch improper utility charges on both move-ins and move-outs, assuring that in-unit utility costs are allocated to the resident; not paid by the owner.

Utility Alerts

NWP reviews utility bills daily and emails alerts to your communities in order to track down anomalies. Included with each alert is a checklist of actionable advice for pinpointing the source of the variance. Both spikes and drops in usage are identified for electricity, natural gas, and water so that you quickly catch not only leaks but also failing meters.

Alert management

Save time and catch lurking issues that can have a big impact.  Alert Management is a comprehensive service where NWP analysts research and help to resolve consumption concerns on your behalf. We provide a robust log of findings and actions taken to resolve each issue. This equips you with proactive direction on root causes and helps you to escalate any unresolved issues quickly.

Rate forecasting

Take your utility budgeting process to the next level with NWP’s rate forecasting. Even if a cold winter or hot summer doesn’t push your energy consumption through the roof, unanticipated rate changes can still wreak havoc on your utility budget. NWP’s business intelligence on rate changes can bolster the accuracy of your forecasts.

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager integration

NWP can automatically upload data from your common area energy and water invoices into this popular tool.

Energy rate analysis

We examine each of your electricity and natural gas accounts, compare your rates against utility rates for the area, and tag outliers for further review.

Reporting and Benchmarking

NWP’s advanced analytics are a powerful suite of reporting tools dissect your utility data at the portfolio level, the property level and even the account level.  NWP’s Benchmarking and Budgeting Tools turn complex data into actionable insights.

Energy procurement and tax audit service

In deregulated markets for natural gas and electricity you can shop rates to find opportunities to lower your costs.  But navigating the jargon and the options can be overwhelming.  Our partners take a supplier-neutral approach to help you bid and negotiate with your best interests in mind.

Recycling and trash contract service

Our partners provide expertise and volume leverage to help with right-sizing your services, contract negotiation, and invoice auditing for your waste hauling services.

Water and Energy Efficiency Projects service

NWP can help you identify the water and energy “hogs” at your properties.  Conducting ASHRAE Level I, II, or III Energy Audits, we’ll zero in on the worst offenders at a property.  This data can then used to determine if upgrades make sense.  If needed, NWP can help get the work done in a timely, cost effective manner and identify incentives and rebates to offset costs.

Other services include:

Utility account conversion (at property acquisition or sale)

Utility invoice exception queue management service