About Us

We help owners and managers become more profitable. How do we do this? We listen.

Founded in 1995, NWP has focused on building the most secure, legally compliant and diverse billing configuration platform available in all 50 states, serving apartment owners and managers of all types and sizes. NWP began our services by sitting down and strategizing with owners and managers regarding the best way to provide resident utility billing to help recover utility costs spent on behalf of residents and encourage conservation of resources. As the first provider of utility cost recovery services to the multifamily industry, NWP continues to provide innovative and compliant solutions for our customers that optimize operational performance and increase resident satisfaction.

NWP manages and processes over $5 billion dollars in annual operating revenue and expense transactions for our customers including the recapture of millions of dollars, annually, in utility theft.

In an industry where many say they offer utility cost recovery services, it is reasonable to ask what makes NWP different from other utility management billing providers. First, we provide so much more than billing for communities and residents. We help owners and managers become more profitable.

Since 2008, utility costs have continued to rise at 10 times the rate of all other operating expenses in multifamily to become the third largest expense for owners and managers encompassing as much as 15 percent of a property’s total operating expense in any given year. With energy and water shortages on the rise, it is now more imperative than ever to find a way to recover and reduce these costs to keep net operating income positive while meeting the stringent and increasingly growing number of regulatory and legislative requirements at the federal, state and local levels.

NWP understands all management companies and properties are not the same. Needs, concerns and challenges vary by state, by county and even by city. We take the time to listen to your pain points. We partner with you to find the best possible design for your program to ensure the highest opportunity for return while monitoring compliance amongst the overwhelming number of legal requirements. We provide a sound, logical roadmap to focus on maximizing utility cost recovery, optimizing your utility spend, and advancing energy management programs within your day to day business.