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Student Housing

The sustainability trend has increased on campuses nationwide, both socially and in the classrooms. Universities looking to encourage conservation have a prime opportunity with their own student housing. Typical US college students consume more water per capita for personal use than either children or adults. Student water consumption is about 300 gallons per person per week for showers and laundry alone. That’s about twice what the average American uses to meet these same needs.


NWP has several products and services designed to meet the unique challenges of the student housing market. NWP’s accurate measurement of consumption and cost allocations form the foundation of a well thought out student housing conservation program.

Our reports are designed with the student housing utility manager in mind. Trends are highlighted providing the insights managers need to lower utility costs and encourage conservation. Trend reports also serve as an alert system for excessive consumption issues that might require maintenance or repair. In addition to trend data, customizable reports are available to focus on specific items a utility manager might want to gain additional insight into.